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Nutriente Pastry Menu

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Individual Desserts

Peach Serenity Dessert $6.95

White chocolate vanilla cream, layered with flourless pistachio cake and peach jelly. Glazed, with white chocolate spray garnished with rose petals and Sicilian pistachios.

Contains: Dairy, eggs, pistachio

Gluten Free

Cherry Dark Chocolate Mousse $6.95

Dark chocolate cherry mousse, layers of chocolate flourless sponge and Cherry jam with fresh cherries.

Contains: Dairy, Eggs

Gluten Free

Kumquat & Jasmine Hearth $6.95

Jasmine tea infused white chocolate mousse, layered with kumquat and orange center and almond flourless sponge.

Contains: Almonds, Dairy, Eggs

Gluten Free

"Very" Strawberry Rose $7.25

Strawberry filling layered with strawberry jam and fresh strawberries and Almond flourless sponge. Garnished dwith Vegan strawberry French macaron

Containts: Almonds, Dairy, Eggs

Gluten Free

Caramel and Pink Grapefruit Flower $6.95

Pink Grapefruit Jelly layered with Caramel cream and crumbled Vanilla base.

Contains: Dairy, Eggs, Whole Wheat (Gluten)

Hazelnut Popsicle $7.25

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Mousse and candied orange pieces covered in crunchy Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut pieces.

Contains: Hazelnuts, Dairy

Gluten Free

Raspberry Cheesecake $6.95

Baked Cheesecake topped with Raspberry jam and fresh raspberries.

Contains: Dairy, eggs, Whole Wheat (Gluten)

Earl grey Creme Brulee $6.95

Creamy baked custard with hint of Earl grey topped with caramelized brown vanilla sugar

Containts: Eggs, Dairy

Gluten free

Nutriente Kabocha Cake $6.96

Kabocha cake, cream cheese frosting and pumpkin jelly

Contains: Eggs, Dairy, Whole Wheat (Gluten)

Walnut, Coffee & Maple Leaf $7.25

Maple cramel with crisp caramelized walnuts, layeresd with coffee mousse and Walnut fliurless sponge.

Contains: Eggs, Dairy, Walnuts

Gluten Free


**Different size of our signature cakes would be consider special order and needs to be placed at at least 5 days in advance (subject to change). All cakes could be special ordered Gluten Free, Vegan or Sugar Free. Availble by slice.

Strawberry Vanilla Cake $55.00

Slice $6.95 ea.

Vanilla sponge, Vanilla cream and fresh strawberries layered with strayberry spread.

*8 inch cake, serves 10-12 people

Contains: Dairy, Eggs, Whole Wheat (Gluten)

Peach, Vanilla and Pistachio $55.00

Slice $6.95 ea.

Pistachio flourless sponge, Vanilla peach cream and fresh peach, layered with peach jelly pieces.

*8 inch cake, serves 10-12 people

Contains: Dairy, Eggs, Pistachio

Gluten Free

Hazelnut & Chocolate Cake $55.00

Slice $6.95 ea.

Chocolate sponge, crispy milk chocolate and hazelnut mousse

*8 inch cake, serves 10-12 people

Contains: Hazelnuts, Eggs, Dairy, Whole Wheat (Gluten)

Bannana & Milk Chocolate $55.00

Slice $6.95 ea.

Chocolate sponge, milk chocolate cream layered with banana spread and fresh bananas

*8 inch cake, serves 10-12 people

Contains: Dairy, Eggs, Whole Wheat (Gluten)

Nutriente Mango & Vanilla Cake $55.00

*the absolute favorite* Slice $6.95 ea.

Vanilla sponge, White Chocolate mousse layered with mango jam and fresh mango

*8 inch cake, serves 10-12 people

Contains: Dairy, Eggs, Whole Wheat (Gluten)

Mango & Chocolate $55.00

Slice $6.95 ea.

Chocolate sponge, layered with mango spread, fresh mango and chocolate mousse cream

*8 inch cake, serves 10-12 people

Contains: Dairy, Eggs, Whole Wheat (Gluten)

Raspberry Chocolate "Donut" Cake $55.00

Slice $6.95 ea.

Raspberry jam layer with fresh berries, layered with raspberry mousse, chocolate cream and chocolate sponge.

*8 inch cake, serves 8-10 people

Contains: Dairy, Eggs, Whole Wheat (Gluten)

Passion fruit, Raspberry
and Vanilla Chocolate Cake

Slice $6.95 ea.

Passion jam with fresh rasperries, vanilla Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate sponge.

*8 inch cake, serves 10-12 people

Contains: Dairy, Eggs, Whole Wheat (Gluten)

Matcha & Green Apple Cake $39.00

Slice $6.95 ea.

Matcha White chocolate cream, layered with pistachio flurless sponge, green apple sauce and apple jelly pieces

*7 inch cake, serves 5-6 people

Contains: Pistachio, Dairy, Eggs

Gluten Free

Torte Garash $45.00

Slice $6.95 ea.

Creamy dark chocolate ganache layered with flourless walnut cake sponge. Garnished with Sicilian Pistachios.

*8 inch cake, serves 10-12 people

Contains: Pistachio, Walnut, Dairy, Eggs

Gluten Free

Vegan & Gluten Free Options

Daily selection of vegan (Gluten Free)
French Macarons (seasonal availability)
$2.25 ea.

Strawberry Chocolate

Coconut Pistachio

Violet Cassis Salted Caramel


Daily Selection of hand
made chocolates (SEasonal availability)
$2.00 ea.

Vegan and Gluten Free


Ginger & Passion fruit

Rose Lychee

Vanilla Chai

Cookie Dough Donut $4.95

Vegan, gluten free (Available Sugar Free $5.50)

Contains: Cashew, Hazelnut, Coconut

Please pre-order Sugar Free Chocolate Donuts at least 5 days in advance

Almond Butter & Raspberry Tart $5.50

Contains: Almonds, Cashews, Coconut, Dates.

Gluten Free and Vegan

Lemon Blueberry Ceesecake $5.50 ea.

Contains: Cashews, Almonds, Coconut

Gluten Free and Vegan

Caramel & Chocolate $5.50

Contains: Almonds, Coconut, Dates.

Gluten Free and Vegan

Drink Menu

Nutriente House Blend

Origin: 50% Brazil, 50% Honduras “Roast Forward”

Flavor Notes: Cocoa, Almond

Nutriente Single Origin House Blend

Origin: 100% Brazil, Natural Process

Flavor Notes: Baker’s Chocolate Caramel

Nutriente Single Origin House Blend / Decaf

Origin: 100% Colombian

Flavor Notes: Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Raisin

Traditional Coffee Drinks

Served Hot, Iced and Blended

  • Coffee House Blend $2.75
  • Cappuccino $4.00
  • Cafe Latte $4.00
  • Cafe au Lait $4.00
  • Mocha $4.95
  • Vanilla Latte $4.75
  • Peppermint Mocha $4.95
  • Americano $3.25
  • Macchiato $3.50
  • Red Eye House Coffee $3.50
  • Caramel Macchiato $3.75
  • Espresso $2.95
  • Oat Milk $1.50
  • Extra Espresso Shot $0.75

  • Specialty Coffee Drinks $6.75

Served Hot, Iced or Blended

Vanilla Rose Latte / served with macaron

Matcha Latte / served with macaron

Honey Lavender Cappuccino / served with chocolate

Salted Caramel Latte / served with chocolate

Ginger Spice Latte / served with chocolate

Specialty Non-Coffee Drinks

  • Chai Tea Latte / served with macaron $4.95
  • Maple Pistachio / served with chocolate $5.95
  • Hot Cacao / served with macaron $4.95
  • Mexican Hot Cacao Latte $4.95
  • Non_Dairy Milk $1.50
  • Oat Milk $1.50

Specialty Non-Coffee Drinks

  • Organic Tea variety $3.00
  • Green Tea, Jasmin, Oolong Tea, Earl Grey Tea
  • Ice Tea $3.00
  • Pellegrino Soda $3.00
  • martinelli's Apple Juice $5.00
  • Coconut Water $3.80
  • Evian $3.00
  • Martinell's Apple Sparkling Cider $9.00
  • Perrier $3.00

Daily Dose of Vitamins

Served Iced or Blended

  • Freshly Squeezed Lemonade $3.50
  • Fresh Mint & Lime, Cucumber Ginger, Lime-Rasberry, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon

  • Fruit Smoothies $4.25

Pina Colada

Nutriente Mojito

Very Berry

Tropical Fun


  • Nutriente Brekkie Bowls $7.75

Vegan and Gluten Free

Tropical: Plant-based Yogurt, Mango, Passionfruit, Flaked coconut, Healthy Granola, Nuts, Seeds

Nutella: Plant-based Milk, Banana, Hazelnuts, Cacao Powder, Healthy Granola

Pink Dragon Fruit Bliss: Plant-based Milk, Dragon Fruit, Banana, Healthy Granola, Strawberries, Pistachios

*All our products are made in facility that uses dairy, nuts and egg allergens. *